Tomenosuke 2019 Blaster Retailer Edition

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Tomenosuke had already improved the original 2019 Blaster from previous versions.

From Tomenosuke;

• We changed the shape of the bolt, bolt/handle, magazine housing
• The L-cylinder cover was made up of 2 parts and the shape was changed.
• We narrowed the diameter of the collar at the rear end of the sleeve
• We changed the position of the three screw holes of the blaster grip frame that fixes the grip frame of the Charter Arms
• The grips are 0.5mm thicker

Now the Tomenosuke 2019 Retailer Edition has even more improvements!

• The front of the bulldog cylinder has been shortened.
• This eliminates potential cylinder rotation issues if you dry fire the blaster extensively.
• Every model is hand-finished and tested before being signed off on by the Artisans at Tomenosuke in Japan.

From Tomenosuke;

"There is no change in the appearance of the product, but we decided to shorten the front of the bulldog cylinder by 0.5 mm and cut off the corners by 0.5 mm in the post-processing. (Drawing by Mr. Nobutaka Tokunobu in photo gallery).
This is an improvement to prevent rare troubles such as the cylinder not rotating or getting caught after shooting many times."

Comes complete with Tomenosuke branded white gloves for the true "White Glove" experience!

Also includes a 12 page color manual, and a 28" x 20" fold-out poster of the technical drawings created by Nobutaka Toku to create the blasters.

It is offered as a fully assembled, finished replica, and is the most accurate version of this blaster ever offered!

Comes complete with 5 dummy bullets and high quality packaging.

Limited edition of 200 pieces of which we have secured just 50 pieces…so don’t delay, order yours today!



Materials:  Metal and mixed media construction.

Availability: SOLD OUT 

Manufactured in Japan by Tomenosuke

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Non-functioning replica of a science fiction fantasy blaster. 


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10Pay$119 (includes $100 deposit) upon order placement, 8 monthly payments of $119 + 1 final payment of $128.95 + shipping.
8Pay$150 (includes $100 deposit) upon order placement, 6 monthly payments of $150+ 1 final payment of $149.95 + shipping.
6Pay$200 (includes $100 deposit) upon order placement, 4 monthly payments of $200 + 1 final payment of $199.95 + shipping.
4Pay$300 (includes $100 deposit) upon order placement, 2 monthly payments of $300 + 1 final payment of $299.95 + shipping.

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