Wait List Reservations

From time to time a sold out item may become available due to the cancellation or credit card rejection of another customer's order. Should this be the case, wait list reservations will be fulfilled on a “first come, first served” basis, so the next in line customer will be given the opportunity to convert their reservation into an order or pre-order. A wait list reservation is not a guaranteed order, a reservation is only guaranteed once it has been converted to an order.


How Does It Work?

A wait list reservation works much like a regular order in that the same information is collected at the time the reservation is made.

Once made, your wait list reservation will be placed in a queueing system. If an item of that particular sold out edition becomes available, the next in line customer's reservation is converted to an order /pre-order.

You may view your reservation or converted order at any time by logging into your Hollywood Collectibles Group account.

If your wait list reservation is successful, you will receive a confirmation email informing you that it has been converted to an order / pre-order. From this point on your reservation will be treated as a regular order and will be automatically filled once the product reaches our warehouse.

In the event that your wait list reservation is unsuccessful, it will be canceled and we will send you a courtesy email informing you that your reservation cannot be filled.

You may cancel your reservation at any time.

Hollywood Collectibles Group accepts no responsibility for non-receipt of courtesy or confirmation emails, all reservations that have been converted to orders will be automatically filled once the item becomes available. Please ensure that Hollywood Collectibles Group is in your email "safe senders" list.