Harrison Ford Signature Edition Deckard Blaster


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Only 15 pieces available for the US!  SOLD OUT


Limited to just 75 pieces Worldwide, of which we have secured just 15 pieces for the US market.


The customized Tomenosuke blasters for the "Harrison Ford Signature Edition" are designed to exactly replicate the firing hero Deckard Blaster used in the movie.  The firing model prop blaster was made at the firearm specialty studio, ISS (Independent Studio Services) in Hollywood, which combined the real Charter Arms Bulldog and the receiver of the Steyr Mannlicher Rifle into the Tomenosuke blaster. Only three of these blasters were made for the shooting scenes in the film.

In order to make the original Tomenosuke blaster into the same texture as the one used on-screen, we first removed the black dye and reprocessed and polished the edge. Then blued it again to make it glossy. We also processed the Bulldog frame originally made of heavyweight plastic into the look and feel of steel. The trigger cover, grip frame, grip end, Weber scope-knob, binding post and all exposed screws and small parts were all expertly repainted. We also added subtle touches to the left and right cylinder covers, magazines, grips etc. to resemble the look of the firing model blaster.

This collaboration custom made “Harrison Ford Signature Edition” blaster will be recognized as a noticeable art piece in the history of Deckard blaster props, coming from the hands of the original Tomenosuke blaster gunsmith, Nobutaka Toku and custom gun craftsman, Toshihiko Sato.

The brass plaque, hand signed by Harrison Ford, is screwed inside the commemorative wooden case handmade by Hida Takayama's wood craft workshop, which contains the special custom blaster and wooden blaster stand together.


  • Brass plaque individually hand signed by Harrison Ford
  • Customized by the original Tomenosuke blaster gunsmith, Nobutaka Toku
  • Commemorative wooden case handmade by Hida Takayama
  • Unique wooden display stand
  • Officially licensed from Alcon Entertainment
  • Manufactured by Tomenosuke in Japan


Materials:  Metal and mixed media construction.

Availability: SOLD OUT

Edition Size: 15 Pieces available for the US     

Manufactured in Japan by Tomenosuke

Non-functioning replica of a science fiction fantasy blaster.  © Alcon 2017 



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