Aliens USS Sulaco

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The USS Sulaco is a Conestoga Class Light Assault Starship, registration number 513792/CTA, manufactured by Lunnar-Welsun for the United Americas Allied Command (UAAC), and operated by the United States Colonial Marines.  It was dispatched to LV-426 under the command of Lieutenant Gorman after contact was lost with the colony of Hadley’s Hope….

 We are very proud to present our Officially Licensed, large-scale model of The USS Sulaco!

 Presented for the first time in such a large-scale format, this intricately detailed model is a very impressive 44" long, and is a companion piece to our popular USCSS Nostromo model!

 With the input of Alien mythology experts and unpublished behind the scenes photographs, every inch of this incredible spaceship has been painstakingly recreated with meticulous attention to detail to make this the most accurate replica possible.

A HCG Exclusive Edition is also available, click here for more details.

This intricately detailed, Museum Quality piece is constructed from PU and mixed media and then hand painted to the finest detail with authentic weathering for added realism! It comes complete with a classic black display stand.

 A must have addition to any Aliens collection! 

Dimensions: Approx 44”L 
Edition Size: 500 pieces worldwide

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Sculpt: Angelo Bastianelli & the HCG Team
Paint: Rich Trebus
Art Direction: Graham Langridge
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