Aliens Pulse Rifle OD Green


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"I wanna introduce you to a personal friend of mine. This is an M41A pulse rifle. Ten millimeter with over-and-under thirty millimeter pump action grenade launcher."

We are very proud to present our Officially Licensed, Aliens Stunt Pulse Rifle! One of the most Iconic movie weapons ever to blast its way onto the big screen, the Pulse Rifle is the weapon of choice for the US Colonial Marines in James Cameron's Oscar winning "Aliens".

Several “Hero” Pulse Rifles were created, mainly for the live firing sequences, but most of the time what you see on screen are lightweight “stunt” versions - the hero versions weighing in at a hefty 20lbs or so!

To create the definitive Pulse Rifle we obtained one of the few surviving Hero Pulse Rifles, meticulously measured and photographed every detail and then painstakingly recreated this exactly. The result is the most accurate replica ever produced, a "must have" for any Aliens fan!

Our Stunt version Pulse Rifle remains faithful to the ones seen in the movie, with accurate shrouds the same dimensions as the “hero” versions, but has no moving parts and weighs only 5 ½ lbs – ideal for display or Cosplay!

Comes complete with themed tabletop display stand.

  • Dimensions, including shrouds, exactly the same as the original "Hero" Pulse Rifles.
  • Reinforced metal sling attachment points
  • Themed table top display stand
  • OD Green colored shrouds
  • Round Counter says “95”
  • 27” long and weighs 5 ½ lbs
  • HCG Exclusive Edition - only available directly from HCG
  • Proudly made in the USA!

Edition Size: 250 pieces worldwide

Availability: In Stock

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For those who prefer their Pulse Rifle to look it has seen service in the Corp with Colonial Marines, a weathered version is also available,  click here for more details.

Brown Bess versions of the Pulse Rifle are also available, click here for more details.



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