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Sure we produce amazingly detailed bobbleheads, statues and busts, but our raision d'etre is to create licensed prop replicas. Not just any prop replicas either. We want them to be as accurate and faithful to the original prop as is humanly possible. Basing a prop replica on drawings or "reference material" is not good enough. Near enough is not good enough.

All of our prop replicas will wherever possible be produced by actually molding the screen-used original prop or will be cast from the original molds used to make the original movie prop! If that is impossible then the original prop will be physically used as reference to ensure accuracy.

We intend to produce a relatively small number of prop replicas each year but each will be meticulously researched with fine attention to detail to ensure it is accurate to the original used in the movie.

Each prop replica will be produced in very limited numbers, the edition size normally being 1000 pieces or less. This is to ensure the exclusivity of the piece and to protect your investment.

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